Welcome to my brand new, shiny website!

11th May 2016:

This is all a bit daunting for me; a mother (home-maker), who for so many years sat behind a computer screen in her lounge room tapping her fingers to a keyboard, writing with no real idea of what she was doing and as doubt whispered over her shoulder each day insisting she give up, let it go and return to her office job.

Of course I dreamed of a book deal; my work published, leaving the screen of my computer and given wings, ink pressed into the pages of a book. Yes, MY book!

And now here I am, in a very surreal place as in one month and nineteen days a book about my inner most thoughts and fears will be out there for anyone to read; a book about my family, my life and my decision to become an altruistic, gestational surrogate for a gay male couple whom I now call my family too.

Needless to say I feel vulnerable, exposed and scared but also excited, eager and best of all – alive!

I do hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did and that you are inspired to an act of kindness, no matter how big or small as paying it forward is one of the greatest things in life!

With love,


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