About Shannon


Shannon Garner is first and foremost a mother to two beautiful children, a wife, surrogate and then a writer, passionate about the craft of storytelling. She lives in a seaside town on the New South Wales north coast in a timber cottage complete with the white picket fence!

Shannon started concentrating on her writing in 2009 when her first child was born and hasn’t looked back. Her writer’s group encouraged her to delve into non-fiction after the birth of a surrogate child she carried for a gay male couple from Sydney and with that… her first memoir “Labour of Love” was born.

She is delighted that her memoir about her altruistic surrogacy journey will be released by Simon & Schuster Australia/New Zealand on the 1st July 2016 and hopes you will enjoy her journey as much as she did.

Shannon has started writing her first fiction novel which is a family saga spanning many decades set in rural England and Australia, two places held close to her heart.


Text Copyright © 2016 by Shannon Garner
Cover Art Copyright © 2016 by Alissa Dinallo
sed by arrangement with Simon & Schuster Aust. All rights reserved.®
Author/web page images by Lyss and used with permission.



4 thoughts on “About Shannon

  1. I just finished reading your book Labour of Love! As a single gay man I just wanted to say how inspiring your book was. You have given me hope that maybe one day I will find someone like you who will help me have a child! You are an amazing woman and what you did for Jon and Justin was truly remarkable. I loved the book from start to end with many goosebumps and lots of tears. Thank you Shannon xx

    • Anthony, thank you for your lovely words and for taking the time to buy and read Labour of Love. I really do appreciate it. I am so thrilled you found inspiration in the book and I do hope that one day you can realise your dream of having a child to love. If I can help you with any information about surrogacy, please do not hesitate to make contact. I am also on Facebook as Shannon Garner Author and I can certainly help with directing you to the right groups within Australia. But until then, thank you again. xx Shannon

    • Thank you Linder, I’m honoured you took the time to read Labour if Love, and even more so that you’re a surrogate yourself! I’m so glad it’s reaching women like you and me. Much love x Shannon

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